Makeover for your balcony

Balcony is a space rarely utilized effectively to complement the rest of the finely designed portions of the house. In the beginning years of stay, care may be taken to keep that space tidy. Some may even have a few plant pots. But gradually that space makes way for empty cartons, cloth dryers, even broomsticks and mopping clothes invariably.

If planned and managed properly, you can turn your balcony into a retreat. All you need is a little bit of effort and interest.

You can go for a balcony bigger in size than the usual Indian style and make it a retreat space detached from the rest of the house.

My Thoughts (CEO- Blog)

Last Friday I woke up to the usual "good morning" of my wife. I had absolutely no idea "how good a morning" it would be, until I saw the message on my phone. It simply read "our beloved Group Chairman Shri Ramamurthy Thyagarajan – our loving RT – has been bestowed Padma Bhushan". My first thought was to pick up the phone, call and congratulate him! I almost dialled his number when the thought crossed my mind, "what do I tell him?" How do I congratulate him? Well, what do anyone can tell the person who built a 60,000 crore corporation in 4 decades, when he is conferred one of the highest civilian awards of our country? Words fall short in appreciating such icons. Instead, I decided to write my thoughts on RT & Shriram Group on this special day.