A lot of creative professionals look down at technology & data science when having a discussion on creative ideas or campaigns. And there are some who strongly believe in data-driven advertising.

We believe in, we should use data for creative campaigns. That is, you need a creative campaign “powered” by data, not driven by it. Let us see how this approach works.

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Creative Campaigns Powered by Data Analytics

The good-old-days had a clear brief from the client. And the agency took over the task and dived deep into the market study, users, competition, brainstorming, sleepless nights with coffee and smokes, before coming up with that cracker of an idea.

Well, it’s almost the same, with data-analytics powering the brief and our brainstorming sessions.

Deeper Understanding. Better Insights

With data science and analytics, an agency can get a deeper understanding of the audience. The minute details of the behaviours, preferences, cultural context and other influencing factors – the ones which were not easily visible or available earlier – are available for the strategists for creating better insights.

Such insights are of great help for the creative team in developing high-impact ideas that can appeal to the target audience.

Know your audience, better

For any creative campaign to work, we need to know the audience. With data science and analytics at our disposal, this has gone to a few levels higher, providing us with a 360-degree view of the audience. It is much easier to segment our audience, with common-traits grouped together, for specific messaging.

With a good amount of customer insights coming from the client (brand), agencies can pool into second-party or third-party data on audience behaviours, and create a strong model for their target audience. Today there are platforms which offer this service on a subscription basis.

Performance Data

An agency can analyse the performance of previous campaigns, media involved, budgets and various other factors through data analytics, and know what worked and what did not. With combining these with external influencing factors, competitive activities, context and demographics data, a good analyst should be able to find patterns or specific reasons which worked for or against them. Such insights can help in finetuning current campaigns or building new ones.

Using the right Data Science Platform

Well, there is no “perfect” platform. Different clients have different amounts and types of data. Most platforms give options for integrating a wide range of data sources for ingestion, from social media channels to uploading your data. As an agency, we should choose a platform that gives flexibility in customizing. It would be ideal if the platform can deploy machine learning (ML) models for predictive analysis.

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With a huge amount of data created online and offline by consumers, no brand or business can afford to turn a blind eye to the role of data analytics in creative campaigns. The analytics is not going to replace creativity. It is going to give more power to a creative agency, by discovering unseen patterns, and interesting insights, which can power the agency to develop an impactful campaign.

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    Published by Rajesh Joseph

    Rajesh Joseph is an entrepreneur, digital & creative media consultant with 2 decades of experience. As the co-founder of MediaJenie, he is involved in strategy, media-solutions, and digital transformation of various clients we work with.


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