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What we did

Bespoke luxury leather brand Karlsson had a unique challenge. Being in the customized product segment, as opposed to bulk-produced, they had to manage an optimum pipe-line for enquiries and sales. And being positioned in the premium category, the presentation of the brand had to reflect the same.

MediaJenie helped Karlsson in developing the initial creative content. From high-quality product photography to written content and ad creatives and in-store displays, we designed the right materials to engage the potential customers.

A top-of-the-line catalogue and brochure were created for the “home theatre seating”, and “customised leather sofas”, for sending to high-net-worth individual prospects, which often included head honchos of large corporates. These materials created a high-impact for the brand and drove store visits.


To keep the marketing more effective and cost-efficient, MediaJenie focused on SEO and Social Media. After a 3 months SEO activities, we were able to achieve top-result in Google organic search for keywords like “custom leather sofas”, “leather car seats”, “leather sofas”, “custom leather recliners” etc. The top rankings for the important keywords and phrases drove high-value traffic to the website, which resulted in a jump of enquiries and increase in conversions and sales.


Custom Leather Recliner
2nd, 3rd Position



Leather Car Seats
1st, 2nd Position



Leather Sofas Bangalore
7th, 8th Position



Custom Leather Sofa
1st, 2nd Position


Car Seat
Sales App

To aid the car-seat cover business module, MediaJenie designed and developed a “car-seat customization app” for Karlsson.

This app was first deployed in Toyota Car Showrooms in Bangalore, where the store sales team use them for helping the car buyers choose the right car seat design.

The app has facilities to choose the type of leather, colour and see the seat visualization, and then choose different detailing options, and finally place the order.


Karlsson Leather gets a steady stream of business leads from multiple digital channels, which results in sales. With new car-seat customization app deployed, the business of car-seat covers also has been on an upswing.

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