The sole rationale of any business is to attract customers, and it is only possible through appropriate marketing. If the cash section does not multiply its numbers constantly, something is not right and you better find out quickly. Because today, getting results is what matters in a retail business.

You need not be an expert in marketing, you just need to master the art of doing things in a different way and make money in the process. Here are some quick fixes to ease your efforts, multiply profits and increase the odds of success.

1. Use E-Commerce To Sell More/ Better

A holistic marketing strategy to up sales comprises marketing tactics, both on and off a website. It is the practice of promoting the products and services in a manner to drive traffic, convert that traffic into paying customers and retain that traffic post-purchase as well. E-commerce marketing can be used to promote the store as a whole or to attract customers to specific products and services. SEO or search engine optimisation is ideal to get traffic from free search results by using keywords. For e-commerce SEO, you need to focus on the page types and then layer with segmentation by product categories.

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2. Ambience

The first look and feel of the store, both outside and inside, is a major element of what determines whether you have the customer forever. Appropriate sounds and scents can capture your customers. Another strategy is the use of good POS (point of sale, actually POSM – point of sale materials, also POP – point of purchase). Simply put, it is marketing material or advertisements placed next to the merchandise. POS material highlights interesting products among others from the same category. These adverts can influence customers’ decision to choose a specific brand or feature. Though POS material is prepared by producers and it is they who decide its placement, they can also be created by retailers as a merchandising tool to influence customers’ decisions. They help to direct customer attention to the desired area in the store whose sales you want to increase. The ideal or biggest form of POP material is a vendor shop, a ‘store within a store’ idea where a section in the retail store is set up for merchandise placed apart from the rest for wider visibility and attractiveness. Popular and inexpensive items can also be placed by the entrance or next to the cash counters for last minute tempting picks. You may also try to elicit emotions by creating a nostalgic feel for all products possible, especially during festivals. It gives a personalised touch and is a great way to connect with customers, especially the elderly.

3. Run Local Ads Through Digital Media

Advertisements catch the fancy of customers and are an easier pull factor. With advanced technology, there is an option to geo-target on social media — Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads. This way customers closest to the stores can be targeted to promote your products and services. Also, customers can be encouraged to publish user-generated content. This helps in establishing authenticity and reliability. Ask them to review the products and post a photograph with them. It’s a great mechanism for social proofing because it gives a sense of people having fun at your business. It serves the purpose and acts a free advertisement in the neighbouring community. These customers must certainly be offered some incentive for their reviews.

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4. Web/ Mobile Apps To Help Store Customers (Customization/ Configuration/ Product Catalogue Etc)

Web and mobile applications with product customisation features are trending these days. It gives customers the flexibility to try different permutations and combinations with each product and look. The image changes on the application, based on their selection. This is how it works: when a product is set up, steps are created for customers to go through to build their product. As they go through each stage making their choices, an image is displayed representing the choice they’ve made. It gives customers the liberty to see exactly what they’ve chosen before they buy it. And since the options in each step are created in the app, they can be independent. Prices may vary based on the selected options. Now, retailers are also equipping floor employees with tablets and mobiles, allowing them to stay with shoppers on the sales floor to clear their queries, thereby improving customer service.

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5. Introduce Video Screens With Product Video Demos/ Content

The industry or the business doesn’t quite matter, there’s a video to suit every target audience. By setting up video screens to demonstrate products, customers get a hands-on idea of its features. With diverse video types to pick from, there’s almost no reason not to experiment with videos. When it comes to scaling sales, it is all about how the product is showcased. It makes the whole purchasing experience a lot easier because shoppers use videos to help them make purchasing decisions. Videos are engaging and can also evoke a sense of trust in customers and ensure a wider reach.

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6. Create A Cohesive Social Media And In-Store Experience

According to the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, social media is important for business because more than half of consumers turn to Facebook and 1 in 4 consumers turn to Instagram for recommendations. It is more than just having a fan page. It is the ideal way to connect with your group of customers, engaging them to comment, like and share. Because without your trusted customers doing so, none of their friends will be exposed to your brand. Google searches and WhatsApp groups are also serving the purpose of online promotions.

Try each technique taking into consideration your market’s requirement and take stock of the impact to figure out which approach worked best to drive new sales.

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    Published by Umraz Rasaque

    Umraz Rasaque is a serial entrepreneur, businessman and marketing veteran with an experience of 4 decades. As the co-founder of MediaJenie, he brings business intelligence and marketing strategy to different projects.


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