ImprovING retail sales & business of a store.

Online sales and marketplaces have opened up the retail business in an unprecedented way. With the potential of selling to anyone and anywhere, e-commerce has also brought new challenges to physical retail business and stores. Today the competition is not local or small, but anyone or any size, from anywhere. In this article, we will explore some ideas which can help in improving your retail business sales.

01 – Adapt to e-commerce

Yes, you have a physical store. It means you can add another revenue channel through your e-commerce website. Having an e-commerce website for your retail store helps you in selling to people who are outside your locality. With different logistics options available, you can easily deliver the goods from your store to their place. Existing store customers can enjoy the convenience of buying from their home. They already know you and your products, hence the credibility factor is never an issue.

With the e-commerce website handling the customers itself, there is no need for you to add extra staff for more sales. Do small things which can increase your online sales. Like giving special offers or discounts to existing customers who buy online.

02 – Use technology

Use tabs of Ipads, with shopping assistance apps in your store. The apps can be for “price comparison”, “product customization or configuration”, “informed purchase” with detailed product specifications, or even “discount explorer”. Walk-in customers can use the tabs to find the right product and buy, without much assistance from any sales executive.

03 – Transform the store with POS materials

Use well designed Point Of Sales materials. Whether it is a simple dangler, sticker, shelf-wrap or a poster, make sure the design is eye-catchy, with the right communication.

04 – Improve customer experience

Provide proper training to the shop-floor staff, to improve customer experience. When someone walks in, do everything possible to create a pleasant experience for that person. From the first welcome of hello to opening the door for them to leave, make everything memorable.

If your products are high-involvement purchase or ones with large-ticket values, create a cosy customer lounge area. This can be just 2 seater sections or a corner table with 3 chairs. Have the product materials, samples and other sales kit stocked close to this. Make this place pleasant with warm lighting, some green plants or flowers etc.

05 – Collaboration

There are many brands who need a foot in the retail map, especially the ones from the food-beverage sector. They are ready to give out free samples, or small kits for product promotions and trials. Sometimes even big established brands take the route of free samples to grow. Collaborate with these brands and get your share of sample beverages or snacks, which you can give away to your walk-in customers.

A right mix of technology, an adaptation of e-commerce and some smart in-store improvements can help you in increasing your retail sales.

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