Is your content working? Do you know why it works or doesn’t? This article looks at Using data-analytics driven insights for creating social media content that works.

With the demand for content on social media growing, brands are doing everything to create content day-in-day-out. Some time a quickly made post gets the largest engagement, and a painstakingly created content piece bites the dust. We all have seen these two extremes. When we see a certain type of content working for someone, jumping into the bandwagon is the next step.

How often do we analyse what is working or not working for our content?

This is where a data-analytics driven content plan comes into the picture.

Data analysis can help brands to understand their customers in a much better and deeper way. It can also help them in evaluating their advertising campaigns, design content strategies and personalize communication for a better impact.

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Which Data to Use?

As a brand owner, you will be having access to tons of data relevant to your business. This could be “first-party data”, – what you directly collect from your customer or audience from your website, e-store etc, “second-party data, – which you acquire from other organizations, and “third party data”, – which you would buy from a marketplace.

But all this would be “raw data”, which has huge potential. To unlock this potential and use it to improve your brand and business, data analytics tools, processes and expertise are required.

How to Use Data Analytics for your content?

1 – Know the Audience

Data analysis can help you to understand your audience better. What we call a 360-degree view. It means you understand your audience fully and are prepared to meet their needs. By combining your historical data and new data through advanced data gathering and analysis processes, you can update your understanding of your audience with the changing scenarios of the future.

2 – Increase the effectiveness of content

When you have a better understanding of your audience, you are in a better position to communicate with them. Combine this audience insights with “campaign insights”, by analysing your previous campaigns, and get useful insights on their performance.

By fine-tuning your targeting, as well as messaging in the content, you can improve the results of all your content.

03 – Understanding Audience Behaviour

The way your audience interacts with your content can be analysed with behaviour data. Basically the action a user takes, like, clicking on an ad, commenting, liking a post or video etc. Apart from behaviour data, you can tap into affinities (expressed or suggested interests) of products, brands, topics etc among the audience. Someone reading a blog or a page on your website could be one of the indirect expression of interest in a topic. Other audience affinity data can include responses to survey, likes on social media, views of video content etc.

04 – Combining Different Data for Insights

By combining action behaviours, affinities and demographics of your current customers, you can generate insights on the right segments of audience and type of content that work. By analysing different characteristics of the audience, you can create a more specific set of audiences who are highly likely to engage with your content and brand. With the predictive analysis of behaviours of different types of audience, you can target your content and ad-communication more effectively.


Using data analysis of audience & customer data, campaign data & content data, you can build a 360-degree view of your audience and their behaviours or characters. From this valuable insights can be generated, that can guide you in creating content higher success rate.

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    Published by Rajesh Joseph

    Rajesh Joseph is an entrepreneur, digital & creative media consultant with 2 decades of experience. As the co-founder of MediaJenie, he is involved in strategy, media-solutions, and digital transformation of various clients we work with.


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