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What we did

G Broadband was going through a tough phase with many players in a highly competitive broadband market. With everyone fighting the price war, G Broadband had to stand out and sustain growth with better engagement and retention of customers.

MediaJenie suggested a re-branding of the organization, with a focus on the inherent strengths, a new way of thinking & communication, and a different approach in customer engagement. After the initial Discovery phase, and strategy development, we designed a detailed branding guideline and documentation for the year-long activities. We came up with the ideas of turning franchisees and sales offices into “neighbourhood support centers”, and positioned G-Broadband as “neighbourhood ISP”.

A new creative campaign was launched, with a new set of visuals featuring real-life persons – a clear departure from stock images and model pics in the industry – to connect with users. With a specific focus on different target groups, the creative campaign and communication were designed.

The stores were refreshed with new branding guidelines and creatives and supported with collateral and communication materials with crisp messaging.

The new website was designed and integrated with the CRM tool for better interaction and inquiry management.

With new branding and communication in place, MediaJenie focused the customer touch-point transformation of G Broadband. We conducted workshops to identify the challenges of the customer support team, went through 100s of support tickets and call-records to identify the pain-points. After a hectic 30 days of activities, we redesigned the customer support communication standards and manuals. The executives were supported with training and hand-holding for the new standards and procedures.


With improved image and engagement, G Broadband was acquired by a larger organization in the connectivity industry for an undisclosed sum.

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