Among all types of businesses, restaurants have the advantage of creating highly appealing content around their products. Yes, food and drinks. Apart from the visual appeal, it also will tingle your users’ cravings.

Instead of posting regular food pictures on social media, you can create better engaging content with very minimal efforts.

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Here is a list of 6 great content ideas for restaurants and cafes, for social media.

1. Give away your recipe

Not every recipe! Choose one of your speciality dishes, and give away the recipe. You can give a detailed recipe as text format. Or even shoot a simple video showing how it is made. This can achieve 2 things. One, the content is more useful for your target audience. Two, it can create awareness about your speciality dish and the effort going into making it.

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2. Making a mocktail, cocktail or a drink

When you are preparing great food, why not give a drink with it. Choose your expert area – let it be a milkshake, mocktail or a cocktail. Be creative and show how you can make one at home, and give away the recipe for it.

3. Making great dishes with leftover food

We all will be having some leftover food in our fridge. If you can show how these leftover items can be easily turned into a great looking and delicious dish, your social media engagement can go to a different level.

This can be highly helpful for all audience, and it also ticks the box of serving a great cause – reducing food wastage. Use your culinary expertise and whip-up a few recipes using left-over food found at our homes. And share these ideas as simple picture + recipe format post, or a short video.

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4. Unusual Combos

Nothing attracts like an adventure. Get creative and prepare some great unusual combos around your food and drinks. Whichever cuisines you have, pick some of your star products, and build some great combos around it (that taste better). Try it out, and then share these ideas.

5. Garnishing and Plating up tips

This is a great idea that is highly beneficial to your audience, as well as visually appealing. Most people can cook-up a meal or handle a few dishes at home. However, most are terrible at plating up. You can guide people on how to serve great looking dishes by providing tips in plating-up and garnishing. Your audience can make every meal interesting and shine among their guests with your help.

6. Making daily-dishes attractive

This could be a boon to everyone, especially parents with young children. It is a tough task for them to impress their young ones with healthy home-made food. You can give short videos on how to make a simple sandwich or a Pulav look great with some pro-garnishing and plating ideas. Throw in a few tips on how to improve them in taste as well.

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Having a business around food, drinks and beautiful space is a blessing for restaurants and cafes. However, their social media and promotional content can turn stale with repeat pics of food or drinks. Increase the engagement by providing visually appealing as well as useful and interesting content around your food. These 6 ideas can be really useful for your restaurant and cafe’s social media content.

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    Published by Rajesh Joseph

    Rajesh Joseph is an entrepreneur, digital & creative media consultant with 2 decades of experience. As the co-founder of MediaJenie, he is involved in strategy, media-solutions, and digital transformation of various clients we work with.


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