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Communication Design

Clear, crisp, engaging and persuasive.

Brochures & Catalogues

Good old brochure still holds a sway. Take your brand storytelling through well-designed brochures and catalogues, with right brand style, crisp content, stunning visuals and a narration that connects with your reader.

Content Writing
Print Production

Flyers & Posters

Local area focused marketing requires well designed flyers (pamphlets) and posters. MediaJenie helps you with design, content and production of flyers and posters to reach your brand’s goals.

Standees & Display

Ideal for sales campaigns or awareness, pull-up standees and other displays can create interest and convert customers in real world events.


Corporate presentations need not be boring slideshows. Take it to a whole new level with brand storytelling presentations with stunning visuals, crisp content, voice-over, background track and engaging narration.

Manuals & Reports

Information can be presented to achieve the maximum impact. That is where our expertise in designing manuals and reports for you come in. From product manuals to sales or annual reports, MediaJenie brings together the right design language by mixing creativity, infographics, visuals and layout.