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For 12 years, MediaJenie has helped brands, businesses and ideas to grow by bringing together strategy, design, content and technology.

About Us

At the heart of MediaJenie is a group of thinkers, designers, artists, writers, coders, marketeers, storytellers and strategists, who blend intelligence, ideas, creativity, content and technology to make simple, yet powerful communication on all media.

The company

12 years old. Experience in working with clients of all sizes - from startups to corporations- from all industries. Proven track record in delivering all types of media solutions, from print to digital media and technology. MediaJenie helps your brand grow and do business, better.

Why MediaJenie


A Decade Old – Reliable

Experienced In All Industry Verticals (Food/ Lifestyle/ Technology/ Services / Manufacturing/ Health / BFSI/ Education Etc)


Flexible- Working With Startup, SMBs, Large Corporates

Media Expertise – Experienced In ALL Media (Print / Tv / Radio / Outdoor / Mobile / Web)


Digital Media Expertise

Content Development Expertise – Developed All Type Of Content (Written/ Illustrations/ Photography/ Audio/ Video/ Animation) For ALL Media


Consumer And Marketing Intelligence